UPRIVA REPTILES began in COLORADO in 2010 as Big reptile Herpetological when Jurassic Park was the blockbuster summer movie and everyone seemed to be purchasing reptiles as pets. We, too, found ourselves falling in love with these wonderful creatures. We wanted the very best for our reptiles, but we found it difficult to find quality supplies and expert advice on how to care for the animals we so loved. We have Lizards For Sale, Alligators For Sale, Snakes for sale, Pythons For Sale, Boas For Sale, Turtles for sale, Tortoise For Sale, Toads For Sale, Geckos Reptile Feeders and many more

After completing exhaustive amounts of research on how to care for reptiles properly, we gained the knowledge we needed to take care of our pets. We decided then that we would share and provide others with the knowledge we acquired of the herpetological field.

Today, UPRIVA REPTILES is a retailer and manufacturer of high quality reptiles and supplies. We service customers all over the world including – but not limited to – museums, zoos, and educational institutions. We are committed to bringing innovative and superior supplies to the world of animals and to the people who love them.

Our Team

For many years,UPRIVA REPTILES was run by one guy as a part-time passion project. We now have an entire team of professionals dedicated to improving these services for the community. Below is our core team. Not pictured are additional volunteers and experts who contribute in the forums and on an as-needed basis.

It’s our pleasure to serve you!

Andrew Johnson (Founder)

Andrew is passionate about building services that advance the herp industry and delight its hobbyists. His love for animals began as a child, but he only discovered the online reptile community in 2014 while researching pets for his family. The lack of a modern platform inspired the creation of Upriva Reptiles. Andrew has been involved with software since a young age. Professionally, he has focused on leading projects at startup and research companies, particularly in the area of language processing. He counts it a privilege to now focus his full time energy on serving this community. John and his family include a number of pets: a dumeril’s boa, bearded dragon, two pet rats, fish, hermit crabs, and a dog.

Lily ( Director Of Customer Service)

As Director of Customer Success, Lily provides leadership in customer support and market moderation. Her journey in reptiles began with researching snakes for her children about twenty years ago. Since then, she has played a key part in building up many important online resources for the community. Her past roles have included Aditor at ball-pythons.net, Chief Editor of The Reptile Report, and Business Director at ShipYourReptiles. Lily loves the reptile community and hopes to continue playing a positive role for years to come. Lily’s current critter family consists of a goofy German Shepherd, a milk snake, a California kingsnake, and a ball python.

James (Marketing)

James is Upriva Reptiles social media marketer and also helps on the Customer Support Team. He is a college student who is pursuing a degree in history. James loves animals and has had many different pets including dogs, cats, rats, ball pythons, and a boa constrictor.

Elma (Designer)

Kristina is bringing the awesome to Upriva Reptiles user interfaces. Besides designing the new services, she is helping us redesign the entire site. She is a perfectionist, has an inquisitive mind and an eye for great design. She is passionate about creating user-centered design, likes to have things well done, as well as cool and simple solutions. She loves her adorable Singapura cat.

Phil (Developer) 

Phil possesses a rare combination of technical and domain experience which he uses to help us improve our products and services. Since studying Computer Science at Iowa State, he has worked in several software consulting roles focused on big data and machine learning. Bryant got into reptiles in middle school due to an allergy to cats and dogs. In his spare time he enjoys golfing, side projects, and working out with his wife. He currently owns ball pythons, crested geckos, and leachianus geckos.

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