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At UPRIVA REPTILES, we have a wide selection of exotic Amphibians for sale, including Frogs for sale, Toads for sale, and Salamanders for sale. Browse our collection to find a fantastic range of species for both beginner and experienced amphibian enthusiasts and hobbyists.

Our live Amphibians are robust, healthy, and attractive. These frogs, Toads, Salamander and Axolotls are ideal for breeding projects since they have an amazing life cycle. While some species grow to be very huge, others stay very small and thin. Axolotls, which are entirely aquatic, are also present. Our Amphibians purchases come with a Hundred Percent live arrival guarantee.

Amphibians For Sale Near Me

The family-run reptile for sale company UPRIVA REPTILES is happy to provide only healthy captive-bred reptiles for purchase online. You can buy with confidence knowing that your new pet reptile will arrive by UPS or FedEx overnight the following morning because there is a genuine biologist on-site. Our shipments are carefully wrapped, well-insulated, and include heat or cold packs as necessary to ensure a secure journey from our facility for captive breeding to your residence or place of business. All year long, we ship Overnight safely.

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