List of the best amphibians to keep as pets

This list is in no particular order, so don’t assume that one is better than the other just because of the order. There are a lot of factors that influence which amphibian is the best pet for you, so make sure to keep this in mind while reading.



The Axolotl is a fan favorite and it’s an amphibian that pretty much everyone knows about. They’re very popular amongst pet owners due to their cute appearance and interesting behavior. Their care comes with some challenges and they are best not handled at all. That being said, they’re very rewarding pets.

Axolotl are nearly extinct in the wild but are readily available in captivity. They are very sensitive to changes in their environment and are beloved by scientists all around the world due to some extremely interesting regeneration abilities they have. In fact, if they lose a limb it simply regrows which is rather fantastic but not something you should ever try on your pet.

All in all, Axolotls make great pets and are readily available captive-bred in both natural colors as well as the albino variety.


Spotted Salamander

The spotted salamander can be a great pet if you’re looking for a vastly interesting display animal that will demonstrate some unique natural behavior if provided with a large natural enclosure. As with all amphibians, they are quite sensitive to their surroundings and shouldn’t be handled much, if ever. That being said, they are fairly easy to care for and make for fun and inexpensive pet amphibians.

Fire Belly Newt

The fire belly newt is a common pet amphibian that is fairly easy to care for if proper research is done. They’re also very active which makes them fun to look at and a rewarding pet to care for. They can live for up to 15 years in captivity and are often kept together. Keeping them with fish isn’t advised unless they are very small fish and the numbers are low. Fire belly newts aren’t very fast swimmers and can easily miss out on food if there are too many fast fish in the tank with them. They need a small enclosure and are inexpensive bet amphibians to care for.


African Bullfrog

The African bullfrog makes for a great pet if you’re not too interested in handling your pet amphibian much. These large frogs look cute and are relatively easy to care for if you do your research. These frogs have a powerful bite and can even be fed rodents alongside insect prey. They’re one of the largest frog species you can keep as a pet and need a relatively large enclosure compared to the other smaller amphibians on this lists

Eastern Newt

Eastern newts require the same kind of care as most other newts, with a few differences. They’re relatively easy to care for and eat a diet of insects. They don’t need a very large enclosure but aren’t suitable to be kept with other animals due to the fact they give off a toxin that can cause irritation to other animals.


Grey Tree Frog

With a lifespan of up to 15 years, grey tree frogs shouldn’t be underestimated. Although their care isn’t very difficult, they live for a long time. The fact that they’re not very demanding means that many frogs will reach old ages too which isn’t something to be taken lightly. They make for wonderful display animals and don’t require a huge enclosure relative to their size.


Tiger Salamander

As one of the largest salamanders you can keep as pets, these beauties make for interesting and rewarding pets. They come with a beautiful striped pattern and display interesting natural behavior when given a natural environment. Although they’re large for a salamander, they’re still classed as a small pet and do well with relatively little space. They’re also quite hardy which makes them more suitable as pets than some of the more difficult species of salamander out there.


Green Tree Frog

The green tree frog has much the same pros and cons as the grey tree frog. That being said, they can live for even longer, with some reaching ages exceeding 25 years old! Although they shouldn’t be handled regularly, these frogs tend to stay calm when handled. Since they’re nocturnal and can make a lot of noise at night, they’re not always ideal pets. If you’re prone to waking up during the night, then these frogs probably aren’t your best bet.

Whites Tree Frog

Last on this list is the whites treefrog and it’s a frog that makes for a great pet amphibian. Not only are they very hardy and easy to care for if you do your research, they’re also not very prone to jumping which means there is less risk of them escaping. They can live upwards of 15 years so make sure you’re certain you can care for them for this long before getting one as a pet.



Amphibians can make great pets, especially for those who aren’t interested in handling their pets as often. Hopefully, after reading this article, you’re in a much better position to find the right pet amphibian for you!If you have any questions or feel as though we should add anything to this post, please leave a comment below!

Best Pet Amphibians

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