Steve here from Minnesota. I wanted to thank you for going above and beyond with my recent order. It is often hard to know that you will actually get 100% satisfaction when ordering something over the Internet. I feel that I got 110% and wanted to send a note to specifically thank you for your work and help and care. Less and less often these days, it seems that companies are not concerned about making happy customers. You have made me and my son very happy with your service, quick response and going above and beyond. I look forward to doing business with you again!

Steve Palmer

Earlier in December I purchased a female Ball Python from Upriva Reptiles and I have to say I’m completely happy. Not only is she healthy, but she’s also incredibly active, docile, and friendly. I have her feeding on frozen large mice already and after the first feeding session she knew the separate tank was meant for eating. Also, in July I purchased a Russian Tortoise from here and he’s doing wonderful. He’ll actually hang out on the bed and watch tv for a little with me before passing out for a bit. I can honestly say that I’ll recommend you to anyone looking for any type of pet you sell. I can’t be more happier than I am with your service and the care the animals have before I receive them. Any future purchase I make will be through here first and foremost.

Jay Belch

I just wanted to let u know that my Bearded dragon showed up on time this morning, and I couldnt be happier! the burgandy goliath is beautiful and wow is she big! she has already had her first meal under my care. i wanted to thank everyone over there at backwater reptiles. the professionalism and care you guys expressed throughout the entire process was not only unheard of as far as im concerned, but greatly appreciated. as was the speedy responses to all of my questions. I have yet to find another site like yours, and you will certainly be getting more business from me in the future. and as if all of that wasnt enough, there are no better prices anywhere online! thanks again for everything.

Jason Percival

Hi, I just wanted to say “Thanks” I bought my first ever live animal over the internet from you guys over there at Upriva Reptiles and let me just say I was really scared to open the box when my new critter got here. I wanted him to be safe and alive, and he was. My Jackson Chameleon was healthy and very nice… not scared, he ate from my hand the first time I offered food to him and he drank water right off the leaves no problem. How my Chameleon acted when he ate and drank I could just tell he was well taken care of. As customer service goes Riley’s Reptile was great when I emailed I got responses back to questions fast. Just another satisfied customer, showing support from Ohio to Everyone over at Upriva Reptiles

Carlton Gustafson

This was my first time ordering from Upriva Reptiles and I had a GREAT experience! First, they let me make changes to my order with no questions asked. They were extremely helpful with all my questions I had regarding the tarantulas and scorpions I was purchasing. When my arachnids arrived they were boxed up very well and very safe! They took very good care and pride in making sure I was getting active, healthy reptile. My alligator were very active and ready to eat as well as my tarantulas. I will be making more purchases in the future for sure!

Michelina Fedele

Good Morning, I am a Marine Sergeant, and would like to say you guys exceed expectations. Me and my whole Squad of Marines sat behind a computer and ordered the hatchling Blood Python and a lot of Marines felt different ways about online ordering such a beautiful snake without even contacting yall first. However, the Blood Python is awesome, the delivery was fast, the price can’t be beat that I’ve seen; just an all around success. Thanks a lot and you will have many more customers from the North Carolina area.

Sgt. Brandon Arabie, USMC

Thank you for the FAST service! You may add this as a testimonial as well on your site if you would like. The Snapping turtle I ordered was super healthy and active upon opening the box and too to its new home (120gal) very quickly and within an hour had already had 3 of the medium feeder fish I had waiting for it! ALL I have to say is WOW was it bigger than described! Super awesome and will highly recommend! Also the Russian Tortoise came in fantastic health and was super excited to get out of the box! we let her run around our carpet a bit to get some exercise from the long trip until she had a bit of an accident on the carpet oh well she is in her temporary 40 GAL breeder tank till I get her pen finish maybe tomorrow she took a good drink of water and already eating lettuce and some zilla tortoise food. Thanks again Upriva Reptiles

Matt Blanton

Just needed to say i ordered a sulcata tortoise for my daughter and two new tarantulas for myself and I am absolutly amazed by your service and the condition of your reptiles and you guys are great and have made a loyal customer out of me thank you much.

William Johnson

Upriva Reptiles IS THE VERY BEST! I have purchased a pancake tortoise, two Eastern Box turtle hatchlings and now a Red Footed tortoise hatchling….all arrived next day in perfect health. Reptile quality is superb and their prices are UNBEATABLE! They readily answers any questions you might have about anything via e-mail. They provide top quality reptiles. I am extremely pleased with all of my purchases! It is the only place I will buy my reptiles from and I will buy more in the future from them definitely! From a VERY Satisfied customer in PA.

Susan Kalman

Hey Upriva Reptiles, I just wanted to say thanks for all the great purchases. I have purchased Chameleons, a couple of Fat-tailed African Geckos, a Ball Python and even feeder crickets and I have been very satisfied with my many different purchases. I even work for a pet store and I shop with you all because your prices are unbeatable even with the discount I get at my place of employment. I will be back again, I am think of purchasing a couple of Central American Boas next to ad to my collection of reptiles. Thanks again for everything, Aimee from Ohio

Aimee Borden

Thank you so much for your excellent follow-up with this order. Your superb communication is a treat. The animals appear wonderful – they are alert, feeding, and drinking well, and appear very strong and healthy. It has been a pleasure doing business with you and your company, and I know this will not be my last order from Upriva Reptiles. Your reputation online is very good and I know why. Thank you for everything!

Scott Hall

I received my Yellow Niger Uromastyx (named Raiden) 5 days ago, and I absolutely love him. He’s a gorgeous golden male and very big and healthy, exactly what I requested! He’s wonderful being handled as well, very tame from the get-go. The customer service provided was excellent both before and after I received him; Upriva Reptiles helped me give my lizard exactly what he needed to bring his appetite back after shipping, via facebook and email, and now he’s as happy as can be. I definitely recommend Riley’s Reptile to anyone who wants to purchase an animal online, and I will be a loyal customer here for years to come. I definitely want to get a mate for my Uro from Upriva Reptiles someday.

Angela Mack

I needed an adult Ball Python for a presentation…the next day (and to add to my collection). I had seen Upriva Reptiles quite a few times but had never ordered from them. It seemed too good and easy to be true, the prices were so low, the guarantee’s too good and the interface so easy. After I emailed back and forth with the sales team, I felt really comfortable ordering. How I felt before I ordered was nothing compared to after. They emailed me and went out of their way to make sure I was getting exactly the animal we had talked about after I ordered. They assured me she would get to me the next morning before my presentation, and she did. Beautiful, healthy, full grown female ball python. I got so many compliments on how pretty she was it made my head spin. They must handle all their animals every day until they ship too, she was completely comfortable being held and picked up and even let a long line of kids get their photo with her. She was the star of the show! I’m ordering from Upriva Reptiles from now on, in fact I’m placing another order next week and I’m stoked. As with most online orders you expect to be a little disappointed because nothing’s ever as good as the photo. Not with Upriva Reptiles, I’m stoked because I know what I get will be exceed my expectations. Best customer service ever! These guys are awesome! Thanks again Upriva Reptiles

Chris Stewart

Animals came in and look great!! Thanks for an awesome buying experience. I will be back.. Let me know when you have caiman.

North Georgia Zoo

Bought two red blood pythons back in March and just wanted to let you know both are very healthy beautiful and have tamed down perfectly! The female is getting close to 3ft already male is a few inches smaller and both are quite fat. Thank you again they’re amazing pets; if possible would love pictures of their parents.

Ronnie Roberts

First,I’d like to thank you for the amazing BRB [Brazilian Rainbow Boa] I received yesterday. This is my 3rd one and by far the most beautiful. You can tell you take pride in your reptiles. Second, I was wondering when you were going to receive any Malayan Horned Toads. I’ve never owned one and am very interested. I’m uneducated on them so I don’t know of they’re seasonal or not. Thanks for you time and thank you for my new addition!

A. Gerardi

Awesome thank you. Your services department has reached a level that most companies can only wish for. You should all be proud. Great and to the point and prompt responses too. If my beardie loves his new food, I’ll def come back to you guys! Best, Jon

Jon Gonzalez

Upriva Reptiles, you are my absolute favorite reptile website. I received my sub-adult Savannah Monitor a few days ago and he is absolutely perfect. He’s friendly, beautiful and active. I couldn’t be more happy. Thanks again, I’ll be sure to do business with you again. 🙂

Parker Sandvick

A few weeks ago I purchased a brown Basilisk and a Colombian Tegu. Both were in great condition and looked healthy. After a few weeks they are still going great, so I am extremely pleased with my purchases. This was the first time I ever ventured into purchasing reptiles online, and Upriva Reptiles eased my fear of ordering online. I look forward to doing business with you again in the future!

Dennis Bokota

I received my new black and white columbian tegu this morning around 9! Beautiful healthy little hatchling. His markings are awesome and the body doesn’t have a single bruise or missing digit. He’s warmed up nicely and scarfed down some scrambled egg already! Thank you for sending me such an awesome reptile! Highly recommended business!

Te’Darryl Powell

The frogs arrived today as you said they would. Their colors are more brilliant than I ever could have imagined and their health is very impressive. Thank you again for the excellent customer service

Mark Ciotti

Hey Upriva Reptiles! Just wanted to let you know my babies have arrived!!! Came bright and early this morning and look absolutely perfect and healthy!! I am so impressed with your company’s professionalism and how efficiently this process has been. Both my tiger salamanders are alert and cruising their new home as I type. I couldn’t be happier with them!!! Thank you so much!

Hillary Shuert

My african fat tailed gecko came in this morning happy and healthy! While there was a slight communication misunderstanding Sam was extremely quick to answer my email! My experience was great and if I can’t find my next reptile at a local pet shop, I won’t think twice about ordering from Upriva Reptiles

James Wilson

Hello Upriva Reptiles I just got my anaconda and it looks great. It is very impressive and healthy looking. Thank you for your service. Rogelio.

Rogelio Aldavaz

Hi! Just got the caimans. Great size and beautiful!

Rodolfo Eusebio

Hello I received my red uromastyx this morning and they are beautiful. They look very healthy and have very bright colors. I plan on doing business with backwater reptiles again. Once again they look perfect. Thank you.

Adam Saur

I am so pleased with the service I have received from your company. My beautiful reticulated hatchling arrived first thing this morning. After only a few minutes the little guy went exploring and pounding down some water. He is absolutely gorgous, excellent coloring and completely calm when handled. I will absolutely be purchasing from you guys again soon. Thank you again for all the immediate responses and great customer service.

Rob Grier

My savannah monitor looks great and is so friendly! She doesn’t even hiss or whip! Thank you.

Gina Wesely

Thank you for an excellent condition beautiful healthy male Timor monitor, I really appreciate the great customer service, fast delivery and unbeatable price.

Leonardo Alcantar-Lopez

I received my baby alligator today and I could not be happier with it. It was in amazing shape. It took no time to settle in, and has already had its first meal. It is so docile. Thank you so much for this great day. You guys rock.

Jason Doyon

The [red eye croc] skinks have arrived in wonderful shape. They are so cool. Happy as a clam. Thanks. Will be in touch for something else at some point I am certain. I will recommend your site to everyone.

Diane Borenstein

Got my male green anaconda yesterday an hour early! He’s awesome and sweet. Doesn’t bite and very calm and BEAUTIFUL too! Thanks Upriva Reptilesfor my amazing anaconda. Will recommend you to everyone! – Jacob from Idaho (you can post to your testimonials)

J. Scott

The frogs have arrived and are BEAUTIFUL! I am VERY pleased with my new buddies.

B. Greilinger

The blood python, Monitor & Anoles all arrived safety. My sons and I are pretty happy with the new additions to our collection. Thank you, great doing business with you. Will be in touch when the anacondas get in. Thanks.

Luke Everett

Thank you so much. They’ve (desert horned lizards) arrived in great condition. I appreciate all your help. I love them.

Frank Tarifa

Good morning Upriva Reptiles The caiman arrived and is well. Many thanks from me and my family. Good doing business with you.

M. Papadakis

Just got my awesome male green anaconda this morning, a bit snappy but beautiful colors and not too bad of an attitude for being recently shipped. He has a nice home and I’m sure we’ll get along great! Thanks Upriva Reptiles for an AWESOME snake! 🙂

J. Scott

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