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Your friendly and highly knowledgeable source for a wide range of distinctive Reptiles For Sale Online. UPRIVA REPTILES is committed to offering high quality captive bred reptiles in a variety of distinctive sizes, morphs and sex. Our quality captive bred reptiles can meet the needs of novice, experienced and adventurous pet owners, and our skilled workers can knowledgeably answer questions and provide expert recommendations.

We offer exotic reptiles for sale online at absolute rock-bottom prices, which means we make these fascinating animals available to you affordably as pets, or even to start your own reptile breeding project. We are reptile enthusiasts who believe captive breeding is integral to the future of the market, as it not only helps protect wild herp populations, but is an incredibly rewarding experience that tends to intensify one’s passion for these amazing prehistoric creatures. Whether you buy a snake, lizard, turtle, tortoise, or alligator, we are driven to provide the highest quality live reptiles for sale.

UPRIVA REPTILES offers the highest quality captive bred reptiles for sale online! Chameleon lover? Shop our beautiful baby panther chameleons or veiled chameleons. Looking for a new gecko? Because we’ve got some amazing pet geckos for sale, working with the top genetics in the country! Searching for a new shelled friend? Also,UPRIVA REPTILES has the nicest captive bred tortoise for sale & turtles for sale. UPRIVA REPTILES also has a wide selection of iguanas for sale. Looking for a pet frog for sale online? CB has a great selection of exotic Pacman frogs for sale as well as tree frogs.

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UPRIVA REPTILES offers the best quality alligator, bearded dragons, monitor lizards, skinks, uromastyx, tegus, venomous snakes, geckos, ball pythons, chameleons, turtles, tortoises, iguanas for sale online.

UPRIVA REPTILES is your go-to source for the HIGHEST grade captive-bred reptiles for sale online with live arrival and a full health warranty because there is a biologist ON SITE.

The aim is straightforward here at UPRIVA REPTILES. It’s simple because, in contrast to other reptile retailers, we have an actual scientist on staff. Only the best genetics for each species are used in our breeding efforts, which are all under the direction of our scientist. Think carefully about your next pet reptile store and see if it employs a professional biologist like UPRIVA REPTILES.


Exotic Reptiles For Sale Online

UPRIVA REPTILES breeding facility is a state of the art reptile breeding facility where we breed reptiles for wholesale to pet stores, private sales and export. As industry leaders we are passionate about our reptiles and their care, well-being and hygiene is very important to us and is the back bone of our success. Through over 20 years of captive breeding reptiles we have established a collection of high quality reptiles that we are proud of. We have a wide variety of quality, captive bred reptiles for sale that are advertised under the livestock section on our website.

At UPRIVA REPTILES we pride ourselves on the health of our reptiles and in doing this one of the most important things is what we feed them. This is why we have a large facility where we breed all the feeder foods for our reptiles, ensuring that we are feeding our reptiles the best quality food. This includes mealworms, super worms crickets, roaches and rodents.

Our goal has always been to offer the finest selection of captive bred tortoise for sale, turtles for sale, chameleons for sale, panther chameleons for sale, baby panther chameleons, veiled chameleons for sale, tegus for sale, pacman frogs , geckos for sale including crested gecko for sale, gargoyle gecko for sale and leopard gecko for sale as well as many other species of pet geckos for sale, all 100% captive bred.

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Today, UPRIVA REPTILES is a retailer and manufacturer of high quality reptiles and supplies at Great Prices. We service customers all over the world including – but not limited to – museums, zoos, and educational institutions. We are committed to bringing innovative and superior supplies to the world of animals and to the people who love them.

UPRIVA REPTILES is a family owned and operated reptile business that is proud to sell ONLY healthy captive bred reptiles for sale online. With a real biologist on-site, you can buy with confidence that your new pet reptiles will arrive overnight the following morning via UPS or FedEx.  Our shipments are well packaged and insulated with heat or cold packs added as needed to provide a safe reliable trip from our captive breeding facility to your home or business. We ship safely Overnight year round.

An Online Reptile Store that is Secure and Easy to Use

At UPRIVA REPTILES we value and respect or customers and their privacy. The following describes our policies regarding the personal payment information you provide us with while using our website for purchasing. Any information given to UPRIVA REPTILES will not be sold or given to anyone. It is only being used by employees to help manage and complete your order. Or for our employees to contact and communicate with you about your order.

By utilizing our store online or by contacting us via email or cell phone, you are agreeing to communicate electronically with us. In doing so you are agreeing to recognize notifications, agreements, disclosures as satisfactory to meeting any legal requirement for communications.

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Our Reptiles for Sale and Reptile Supplies Ship Across the United States

Here at upriva reptiles it is our goal to provide two things. First, is that we will always have some of the best prices you can find online. We always make an effort to price our animals and products in an accessible manner for all customers. We are certain you can find something within your budget. Second, we pride ourselves on our customer service and our commitment to following your order from purchase to delivery. We treat each order as if it were our own and make sure all goes well up to the point that your order is delivered.

We are certain that you will enjoy what we have to offer. Our prices is our allure and our great service is our promise. We sell live animals, supplies, and feeders. Our variety of animals is expansive and contains animals ranging from bearded dragons to tree frogs.

Reptiles for sale online

Why do we call “Your Online Reptile Superstore?” Because if you are looking for reptiles for sale online, we here at are your one-stop-shop for all of your reptile needs.  We offer premium reptiles for sale online without the premium cost of a “middle man.” breeds some of the highest quality reptiles for sale in the industry. We have a huge variety of reptiles such as boas, ball pythons, corn snakes, king snakes, turtles, tortoises, geckos, lizards, arachnids, toads, salamanders, frogs and newts.

Our highly specialized breeding facility also allows us to produce unique reptile morphs and color variations not found anywhere else in the world. understands what it takes to care for your reptile as well. We carry a wide assortment of terrariums, cages, substrates, lights, light fixtures, heat bulbs, vitamins, minerals, frozen feeders, canned reptile food, feeding accessories, habitat accessories, plants, vines, misters, foggers, and cleaning supplies. If you are wanting to buy  a reptile online , or are already a passionate reptile pet owner, can supply all of your needs.

100% Captive bred reptiles for sale online

Only captive-bred reptiles are used by UPRIVA REPTILES Reptile. We take great pride in being one of just a few of reptile breeders with an actual animal biologist on-site. Above all, UPRIVA REPTILES only offers for sale reptiles that have been raised in captivity. All of our reptiles come with a full live arrival and health guarantee because we have a real biologist on staff. Most significantly, this covers all species, such as pet veiled chameleons, panther chameleons, iguanas, and box turtles for sale. This also applies to all of our for sale geckos. Last but not least, UPRIVA Reptiles raises all gecko species for sale, including leopard, crested, and gargoyle geckos.

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We Have a 15 Days Money back Guarantee In Case of DOA

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We over fast and discreet overnight shipping to your preferred location at a very cheap and affordable rate

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We Offer our reptiles at The Best Possible prices Compared to Others

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With 128-bit SSL security with advanced encryption you are guaranteed that your purchases are safe.

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UPRIVA Reptile  is a tortoise breeder with experience and a baby tortoise selection that beats anybody! Our captive bred tortoise for sale include some of the most popular tortoises for sale like the African Sulcata Tortoise for sale, the leopard tortoise for sale as well as the red footed tortoise, and many others.  Shop our sister store for a larger selection of mature pet tortoise for sale.

  If you’re looking for a small tortoise, we would recommend the Testudo Tortoise family, which includes the Russian Tortoise, Egyptian Tortoise, Marginated Tortoise, Greek Tortoise (both golden greek tortoise and Ibera greek tortoises) the Hermann’s tortoise (which includes both Eastern Hermann’s Tortoise as well as Western Hermann’s tortoise) the elongated tortoise and others.  Searching for a giant tortoise for sale? CB offers beautiful Giant Aldabra tortoise for sale, captive bred baby Aldabra tortoises for sale.  If you are looking for the most colorful species of tortoise, consider the red foot tortoise for sale, the yellow footed tortoise, or the Cherry head tortoise.


UPRIVA REPTILES offers a full line of ball pythons for sale online.  We have everything from common ball python morphs for sale to super rare ball python morphs for sale like scaleless headed ball python for sale, albino leucistic ball python for sale to name a few.  Our common ball python morphs for sale include the spinner ball python, Mohave ball python, pied ball python for sale, banana ball python for sale, lemon blast, ball python morphs and more.  If you are shopping for a new pet ball python for sale, look no further.

Iguana For Sale

Looking where to buy an Iguana for sale online?  We have a fabulous selection of the nicest captive bred baby iguanas for sale online anywhere.  We offer a variety of iguana for sale online including the blue iguana for sale, the friendly dinosaur like Rhino iguana for sale as well as the green iguana for sale and red iguana for sale.

Skinks For Sale

We have a variety of captive-bred baby skinks for sale online.  We offer red tail skinks, red eyed crocodile skinks for sale as well as the most popular pet skink for sale, the Blue-Tongued Skink for sale (Tiliqua scincoides intermedia).  Lastly, we also offer the super cool monkey tailed skink for sale.  Also, know as prehensile-tailed skink for sale, the Monkey tail skink can actually hang and climb, like a real monkey.

 Looking for a new pet skink for sale?  You have come to the right place! is your source for the best baby skinks for sale in the USA!  We offer a variety of captive-bred skinks for sale including the blue tongue skink as well as many others.  When shopping for a pet skink for sale, it is important to find the right skink breeders, selling only captive-bred baby skink for sale.

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