Reimanns Snakeneck Turtle for Sale


Captive Bred Reimanns Snakeneck Turtle



Reimanns Snakeneck Turtle for Sale

Reimanns Snakeneck Turtle For Sale at UPRIVA REPTILES produced in captivity are offered for sale at incredibly low costs. These reptiles have unusually long necks and gorgeous markings. In the wild, they are known to eat mollusks. Our 100% live arrival guarantee is given automatically when you purchase a turtle from us. For your new pet turtle, don’t forget to purchase some of our incredibly nutritious food. Additionally, you can purchase top turtle supplies from us.

Chelodina reimanni


Monday arrives Tuesday

Tuesday arrives Wed.

Wednesday Arrives Thurs.

Thursday Arrives Fri

If you order after 2pm monday, will ship Monday to arrive Tuesday.

If you order Friday, Saturday, Sunday would ship Monday.

Reimanns Snakeneck Turtle for Sale


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