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Russian Tortoise For Sale Online at UPRIVA REPTILES for incredibly inexpensive prices. This gregarious creature yet grows to be only 6 to 8 inches long. We believe that this particular species is the world’s toughest tortoise. They often make excellent pets, live very long lives, and adapt well to confinement. As long as the temperature doesn’t fall far below 25°F and insulated hiding places are available, they can be maintained outside all year. We immediately include our 100% live arrival guarantee with every tortoise purchase. Don’t forget to acquire your new pet some of our incredibly nutritious tortoise food.

Testudo horsfieldii
Field Collected Males and Females
Approximately 4 – 5 Inches In Shell Length
Adults Growing Up To 5 Inches In Total Shell Length
Feeding On Vitamin Dusted Leafy Greens And Tortoise Diet


This Is A Smaller Species Of Tortoise, Great For An Indoor Enclosure
Originating From Much Of Eastern Europe Ranging From Russia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, And Parts Of Iran
With Proper Care These Tortoises Can Live 40-50+ Years In Captivity. Russian Tortoise For Sale


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Russian Tortoise

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CB Baby Male, CB Baby Female, Juvenile, Adult


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